Dyane (all 4 doors) & Acadiane (front doors only) door trim clips (set of 4)

£10.68 inc VAT

215104 Dyane (all four doors) & Acadiane (front doors only) door trim clips (set of four clips)

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All Dyane doors and the Acadiane front doors have shiny metal trims fitted along the outside. These trims, measuring approximately 10 x 740 mm on front doors & 10 x 650 mm on rears doors, are each held in place by four plastic clips secured into position by cylindrical pegs.

Restoration/repainting might need these metal trims to be removed and upon doing so the plastic retaining clips often break.

SPOG’s trim clip set of four per door includes three “leggy” clips with the fourth being the necessary “block” shaped. This rectangular clip fits into a similarly shaped recess on the back of the trim strip so that when the trim is fitted it will not slide back and forth along the door during opening and closing.

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