2CVGB’s 10 vehicle “Registers” primarily exist to keep track of the vehicles still known to be in existence and ownership within the Club and, where possible, to document their history, as well as to help 2CVGB’s members keep their cars on the road by sharing our technical knowledge and experience. Registers have even assisted members in producing new spares for their cars through our SPOG scheme.

Your Registrar is a valuable resource!

Each Register is maintained by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Registrar, who can provide you with information about the model, sometimes helping with import documentation.

Vehicle Valuations and Vehicle Dating

Where required your Registrar has been deemed qualified to give an insurance evaluation for the vehicle which is his or her speciality, alongside the DVLA Liaison Officer.

Our DVLA Liaison Officer (Matthew Concannon – South) is authorised by DVLA to authenticate and provide a dating letter for vehicles which have not been previously registered in the UK, or have ‘lost’ their original UK registration, or, in some cases, a vehicle which has been previously registered on its import date, and for which the owner would like a true age-related plate.

2CVGB members: 1st vehicle £25 and any subsequent ones within the following 12 month period, £50 each.
Non-2CVGB Members: £50 per vehicle

How to Register your Vehicle

Your vehicle may already have been registered with us by a previous owner, however if you are new to the Club, or have just bought a vehicle, please let us know about it.

To register your vehicle, go to the relevant Register’s page and download the registration form and post or e-mail it to the relevant Register – details available in the magazine.

Each Summer, 2CVGB organises Registers’ Day – a Weekend where we shine up our vehicles and join in the various Register line-ups, awarding prizes for the vehicles judged best in each class by popular vote. Vehicles that have won their class three times are eligible to enter the Masterclass – a very sought-after accolade!

If you have any questions about Registers’ Day or the Registers in general, or wish to arrange for a valuation of your A-Series vehicle for insurance purposes, please contact the committee.