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Hi, I’m Mark Dunmore.
I look after the Dyane Register, as I have done since 1998. As with the other Registers, the aim is to keep track of Dyanes owned by Club members. There seems to be quite a following for the model amongst those discerning enough to appreciate the advantages of the Dyane over the 2CV; I estimate that there are currently around 300 Dyanes in the UK, either roadworthy or undergoing/awaiting restoration.

Contact: dyane@2cvgb.com
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The Citroën Dyane

The Dyane was launched in 1967 as a five-door hatchback, initially with a 425cc engine and four-light (i.e. no glass in the rear quarters) bodywork, and an optional folding rear seat. Within a few months, the model received an improved 435cc engine and also the 602cc unit from the Ami 6.

Subsequent improvements were the introduction of the newer version of the 602cc engine and the addition of rear quarter glasses in 1968 and 1969 respectively. In 1977 the Dyane received disc front brakes, initially on the special edition Caban before being standardised on all models a few months later. Other than detail improvements and modifications to items such as the grille and door handles, as well as different seat trim and colours, the Dyane remained largely unchanged throughout its life.

UK sales ended in 1982 with the special edition Cote d’Azur, and production finally ended in July 1983 with a total production figure of 1,443,583.