Bijou Register

My name is Garry Whelan, a Bijou owner since 1976. I was asked to be the Bijou registrar last year after the untimely death of the old Bijou oracle, Dave Shove. Dave and Lucy Cutler did a lot of work on the archive and I am the new custodian of all of the files.

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AK350 van at the Classic Car Show, NEC

The Citroën Bijou

There is a lot of interest in the Bijou but there are only a few cars running regularly on the road. Most seem to be subject to long restorations or just left pending time, money or inspiration.

The files contain items for each individual car and obviously there are a few gaps but I can always add information when someone phones up.  Usually the chassis number is all we need and I can easily refer to the car’s own page, the bonus of there only being 211 cars!

The Bijou is the least known of Citroën’s offerings. Built between 1960 and 1964 at the Slough factory for the U.K. market only, it was never made in left-hand drive form and never sold abroad, apart from 6 exported to Australia.

Of the approximately 211 made, I have records for around 150, with about 25 on the road or being restored, here and abroad. The engine is 425cc with Trafficlutch as standard. The body is fibreglass, on a 2CV chassis with Lucas electrics and parts from the Citroën DS, Citroën Traction, Morris and Triumph. The windows are all Bijou specific. These cars are rare now, and highly sought after.