Cross-box Hanging Studs (Pair)

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801001 Cross-box hanging studs x 2 with 4 x spacer washers + nuts/shake-proof washers x 2

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We sell a kit which includes the Cross-Box hanging studs (801001), Heat Exchanger Repair Plates (801002), Oil Breather mounting studs (801100) and Fuel Pump studs (801101)
See Item 801104

When fitting an exhaust cross-box the existing 7 mm bolts in the side of the gearbox have to be unscrewed to accommodate the new cross-box hanging brackets, but only so far. However there is then every chance these retaining bolts can be ripped out further in the process damaging internal threads of gearbox housing.

SPOG’s studs replace these 7 mm bolts where cross-box hangs on side of gearbox. With stainless steel studs screwed home followed by a s/steel spacer washer to side of gearbox, the cross-box can be slotted on easily from below (with or without disc-brake cooling ducts) to hang freely in place whilst all exhaust union clamps are tightened.

Finally second s/steel spacer washer is fitted, then anti-shake washer/nut (zinc plated mild steel for stick magnet application) to secure the whole system on either side.

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