Tappet case – or rocker cover – racing is a phenomenon unique to the 2CVing world. In the spirit of Robot Wars, people use a standard 2CV tappet case as the basis for making their home-built racers, which are powered only by the law of gravity. Racers go head-to-head in a series of elimination rounds, rolling down a long graduated track, hurtling towards victory (or destruction, depending on the build quality!).

It has gained a wide following at larger European events, and first appeared in the UK at the 2CVGB 2010 National meeting, with an impressive turn-out for the inaugural races.

There’s a few simple rules to follow in terms of the technical spec allowed, but creativity and artistic endeavor are always encouraged! We follow the European rules, so you can take your racer away with you to international events.



As little friction as possible to go as fast and as straight as possible down the track.


A track composed of two corridors of 21 cm width each. The ramp is 7.5 metres long with the
starting point at 1.8 metres high. Start is activated by a mechanically operated hatch.


  1. Any propulsion sources of energy forbidden. Vehicle Acceleration can only be obtained by
  2. Any electrical or mechanical types of propulsion are forbidden.


  1. Each round will be carried out by two vehicles.
  2. The vehicles will be launched with the front on the starting line. The vehicle which reaches
    the finishing line with its front is the winner.
  3. If neither of the vehicles reaches the finishing line, the vehicle which has covered the
    longest distance is the winner of the round.
  4. If one of the wheels touches or goes over the delimitation line, the competitor is
    disqualified and his opponent declared the winner of the round.
  5. The winner of each round will move forward to the next round.
  6. The final, non-eliminated competitor will have won the race.


  1. Maximum weight: 4.5 kilos
  2. Maximum length: 700mm.
  3. Maximum width: 200mm
  4. Axles: minimum 100mm; maximum 200mm.
  5. Ground clearance: minimum 20mm; maximum 60mm.
  6. Wheel type/diameter: free choice.
  7. Side wheels: none (no stabilising/guide wheels).
  8. Decoration: your own unbridled imagination.


A prior technical inspection will be carried out to verify vehicle compliance. Rocker covers which do not correspond to technical features will not be admitted. Vehicle presentation usually takes place at least one hour before the race starts.