Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain (2CVGB) Ltd

Committee Meeting 4th February 2024

Minutes of the Meeting held at The Studio, Manchester at 11am

Attending in person: Vanessa Harrison (Chair), John Thompson, Julian Kettleborough, Colette Clapham-Dickinson and Dave Crane.

Attending online: Calvin Bradley, Matt Concannon, Sean Sowley, Carl Baker, James Duffell, Nigel Herring and Mark Dunmore.

Club member attending in person: Ian Gaw


Apologies for Absence:

Liz RogersandDot Moran

  1. Previous Minutes

It was proposed to accept the minutes of the meeting held on 25th November, 2023 as a true record of the meeting.

Proposed: Ness        Seconded: Julian



Vanessa referred to an email she had received from Matt Damper, who, along with his 21 year old son had agreed to being used as a real example to see what insurer, Peter James could provide for them to help the consideration of their proposed Solus agreement. Matt had been impressed that PJ had been able to offer him and his son an affordable cover option which, to date, he had been unable to find from any other insurer. He therefore requested the Committee to seriously consider entering into such an agreement to enable younger drivers to get cover for A series vehicles.



Vanessa reported.  

Ruskington Unit Clear Out – Vanessa requested that a date was still required to have another clear out of Ruskington as had been done in 2020. Those who could come could book into the local Travelodge and eat at the local pub as was done previously. It was agreed to do this. Vanessa would circulate a poll to try to agree a date.

ACTION: Vanessa

Insurers – In tandem, with Calvin, Vanessa had been trying to make headway with

insurers, but it had turned out that all roads lead to the same firms and people. Calvin had made better progress, and she was encouraged that things might be heading in the right direction if the Club worked with one insurer for a contract period, for the sake of younger members in particular.

Policies – Vanessa had discussed with access controls/checks and balances for the Club’s finance. The revision of the Club’s policies and procedures was due an update. She had requested her assistant to strip out all the formatting from the existing document so that the text could be updated. She proposed to systematically update each policy by topic over a

number of months. The dog policy would need to be enforced in order to comply with both

Martha’s Down and the Fire Service College requirements, so it would need to be

advertised as part of the pre booking information for both events.

Mileage rate – Vanessa requested that the Expenses policy, in terms of how much

committee members, or those who are working on Club business, be revised to HMRC’s current suggested rate of 45p per mile.



Calvin reported that he was currently in the process of renewing the Club’s membership of the Motor Sport Association but had encountered some problems with their online system. He had contacted the MSA and hoped to resolve it soon.


John summarised his comprehensive written report. 

He highlighted his proposal to invest a significant proportion of the monies held by the Club into a Tiered Notice Account that earned a higher rate of interest. This was to be aligned with the cash requirements of the Club.  John would put together a proposal with timings and amounts for discussion and approval.

He circulated details of the names on the Lloyds Bank mandate as he did not recognise some. It was realised that some were names of former Treasurers and therefore required removal.  

John also highlighted the need for receipts and payments to be fully supported in order to

enable their correct coding in the accounting software, presentation for HMRC purposes

and for correct VAT treatment.


DVLA Liaison & Valuations

Matt reported that Dating requests had spiked recently as more and more owners of 1980’s 2CV’s were trying to prove date of manufacture of their cars to move their vehicles into the

Historic VED class. This was going to be an ongoing issue as the bulk of cars in the Club

were 1980’s 2CV’s so he hoped to engage with Julian to spread the load of these requests where possible.

There had been an interesting issue recently with a member’s car valuation not being accepted by an insurer. The member requested assistance as his insurer, Lancaster Insurance, had declared his RHD Dyane valuation was too high based on the presence of rust on the bottoms of the doors. Matt had provided a Club valuation based upon the condition of the car which was a sound, solid condition 2. This was rejected by Lancaster and he had advised the member to take his business elsewhere.

DVLA – The DVLA had requested the completion of The Vehicle Owner’s Club Registration

form V765/2 which is reviewed every couple of years. Unfortunately, the renewal letter and guidance for this had been posted to old Club address. The DVLA sent through an email and he had responded with a holding email to the DVLA advising that he was reviewing the application and the Club had had a recent change of address. Hopefully this would resolve the situation. He also would take the opportunity to add Julian Kettleborough to the V765 list as a secondary contact. He had also informed the FBHVC of the Club’s change of address.

(Matt left the meeting at 12.15pm)

Break at 12.30pm – Resumed 13.15pm

Membership Secretary

Colette reported.

Memberships – At 31st January there were 2066 memberships – down 58 on January 2023 2022

Direct Debits: Standing at 1,232

Missing Mags – Back to 5-10 per month from 2000.

CROSSMEMBER – 247 cars had been registered to date on Crossmember, still 5 members of the Committee not on the list. One of the main reasons for Crossmember was to have details of the cars within the Club.

She had set up all Committee members as Club Privileged Users and written a guide on what you they could do as a CPU.  Consideration still needed to given to how Registrars could be given access to the Vehicle section. Age Range – currently only 120 members had entered their year of birth and disappointingly only 4 of the Committee had completed this.

This information was needed get a understanding of the age profile of members to steer the Club in the direction that suits all, i.e. the recent inclusion of a concrete camping option for the National, understanding the demand for insurance for younger members etc.



James reported that The February magazine would land on your doormats any day now and that the March one was under way.

Handbook – he thanked Calvin and Dave for offering their services as proofreaders. A few more articles had been proof-read and he would get some more circulated for proofing soon. 

He was waiting for Dot to send design layouts that he would then circulate for comments.

Members welcome pack – No progress since the last committee meeting. He was waiting for a first design from Anna that he could then circulate for comments.

Registers Co-ordinator

Mark reported that he had been able to get Andrew Kirkham’s mobile number via Roy at ECAS (with Andrew’s knowledge and agreement). He had sent him a text a few days earlier and was awaiting a response. He had yet to contact his fellow registrars, but would be starting the process shortly, and would report their replies in due course. He had been in contact with Julian regarding transfer of the email account, but Julian needed one for PR before this could take place. He had in the meantime been giving thought as to what the role should entail, and how it should develop etc, and will report back on that at a future meeting.


Nigel had nothing to report.

Local Groups

No report received.


Dot reported that her only real issue has been an advert that was placed in 2CVGB News and then repeated two months later. It probably would not have come to light except for the fact that when the advert was sent again (not just asked for a repeat which is normal) the contact details were missed off. She hadn’t noticed when she cut and pasted the text and it also slipped through the proofreading process(most unusual), so when the issue hit the doormats, she was contacted by a member hoping to buy the car. She had searched her emails and that was when she discovered that there were two adverts but when the car did not appear to be the same in both images. It was white and had the same reg number, but otherwise in a totally different condition. She had decided to direct all interested parties to the first advert in the

earlier issue so they could get the contact details and left it up to them to spot the differences. She felt that was the best way to deal with it.

Non Des

All covered under NEC and other shows.


Mark reported that he had nothing to report regarding Equipment, although he had visited Ruskington the previous last weekend to make sure the unit was okay.

Health & Safety

Sean reported that he had delayed organised the PAT testing of the electrical equipment as it was unlikely to be required before Registers Weekend so it would be better to test them nearer that date.

ACTION: Mark/Sean

Club Shop

Sean reported that after further consideration he proposed that the Club used ‘Logo My Polo’ to run the new ‘Regalia store’. They would charge a one time fee of £10.75 to Digitize the Club logo which they then embroidered to order onto the items listed in the store. As the Club was a VAT registered organization they would pay 15% commission on all sales. There would be no charges for hosting or building the shop page and there were no minimum spend requirements. Later, should the Club choose, they would hold the stock of stickers/binders etc. and dispatch them on the Club’s behalf, for a commission charge of 12.5%. He did not propose going down that path at this stage. Dave agreed to set up a mechanism to allow ordering and payment for these smaller items via the website.

Sean also proposed to order a range of items in various sizes as samples for people to try for size at our events, alongside clearing our existing stock, retailing stickers etc. This was agreed.

ACTION: Sean/ Dave


Dave reported that he had been working on the functionality and user experience of the website since the last meeting.  Progress was slower than he would have liked due to the ticket booking system the developer used to log and complete tasks. However, they were making progress.  The site basically had 3 databases within it: Crossmember (Membership Database), WordPress (Website database) and WooCommerce (SPOG database). The databases are linked to enable some functions to be performed but were not fully integrated. For example a member could update their address in SPOG but it wouldn’t automatically update their address in Crossmember. They wouldn’t necessarily know this so he had been working on ways to make it a bit more obvious. He had put instructions on the Members’ Area login page for first time users and this had dramatically reduced the number of enquiries from members unable to log in. He then revamped what a member saw in the Members’ Area once they had logged in. This should have made it a lot more obvious what they could do once logged in. After the changes, the only issues that resulted in people being unsuccessful logging in were Crossmember not holding  a valid email address for the member or

the member not showing in the WordPress database. In the latter case he had to manually go into the WordPress database and upload the member. This should be automatic but there were glitches. In time he intended to go through and manually check every member to ensure they were in the database.  He had also had a couple of cases when the member had not refreshed their computer cache for a long time and was therefore seeing an archived version of the site. He had also been working on the SPOG shop which wasn’t linked to the Stripe payment gateway. It was now linked. Next, he had found that the member discounts were not being applied. He had now fixed this. There was also a mismatch of route for a customer to take at the moment to purchase an item so he would be standardising the customer journey to the point of purchase.

Liz Rogers had kindly sent out an email to all local group organisers to ask them to send him text and photos to develop their local group page. To date he had have only received content from Godiva and Northumbria local groups.

There appeared to be some SPOG items that didn’t have any prices – he asked if someone could give him that information.

Within the Members’ Area there was the opportunity to link to a page where

Committee meeting agendas and minutes could be published. It was agreed that this should be set up. He also requested that Nigel, Matt and Sean send him their biographies so that he I can complete the Committee page.

ACTION: Nigel/Sean/Matt

Forum – As the new website wasn’t compatible with the existing forum, the decision was taken to integrate a brand new forum into the website and have the old forum as a read only archive. This had understandably created quite a bit of upset with some of the frequent forum users.

The new forum used software called Disqus which didn’t have all the functionality that would be expected by forum users and usage of the new forum had been very limited. He was therefore looking at re-instating the old forum. To get around the incompatibility issue the

forum would sit on a sub-domain of the main website. The only downside is that he would need to manually check that forum users were members. The issue was that the old forum used a programme called Vbulletin version 3.7 which was launched in 2010 and had never been updated. That version stopped being supported in 2014 and the current version was version 8. He had duplicated the old forum and would try to update the software. It was unknown whether this would be successful and all functionality be retained when he ran the update.

Social media -the social media team led by Anna had launched a members’ only Facebook group called ‘2CVGB Official’. This was intended to be a group where members could share their passion for all things A-series and chat to friends within the Club. Anna had done a soft launch on a couple of 2CV related Facebook pages and at the time of writing there were 225 members. An article about the new group was in the February magazine. The initial response has been very encouraging with lots of people using the platform to introduce themselves and their cars. It is hoped that all the local groups would also use the page to let everyone know what they are up to. Anna was also promoting events on the page. Dave had created a YouTube Channel for the Club and would be encouraging members to send him videos

of their events. Hopefully, in time, this will get the Club content in front of more potential members.

MailChimp – He had not subscribed to the MailChimp emailing platform because he had been approached by Brian from Crossmember who said he was close to launching his own version that will sit within Crossmember.

A discussion followed Dave’s report about the difficulties caused by the current arrangement for managing the website. Dave suggested that he could remove many of the delays that were being experienced and improve functionality be rewriting the website. He had spoken with his contact at Anvil, his former company, and for a fee of £800 they estimated that they could rewrite the Club’s website in approximately 2 weeks.

It was proposed that Dave proceed with the rewrite.

Proposed: Dave       Seconded: Vanessa




Julian reported that he had supported the new FB group launch and that he had circulated to Committee a draft description of the PR Communication role and had received positive feedback. He reported that he had been able to do more on social media in the past few weeks as pressure in his worklife had eased a little.It was agreed that Julian be give a new email address ‘Communications@2cvgb’



Calvin asked what had happened regarding the person understood to be adding a 2cv to the Classic Car Loan Scheme. Mark reported that he had not yet spoken with Julian about this.



Calvin reported that, as previously agreed, he had revisited the proposed ‘Solus Agreement’ offer from Peter James (PJ). He had circulated to all Committee members the feedback received from four other clubs who were all in such an exclusive agreement and all the feedback received had been overwhelmingly positive. He had also taken up Matt Damper’s previous offer for he and his 21 year old son to be used as a real life case to test their claim of being able to offer solutions for younger drivers (ie. Under 24). The proposal from PJ had been circulated as had been Matt’s response to it. Matt Damper had commented that the solution offered was an affordable one that would allow his son to use his own and Matt’s A Series vehicle. He had been unable to find any comparable offer from any other insurer.

In addition to the offer for younger drivers the proposal would give a package of cover that would not be available to non Club members and therefore this could be an incentive for member recruitment and retention. In addition to tailored pricing for Club members this would include as standard:

  • Legal cover
  • Member to member cover
  • Reinstatement cover
  • Free salvage retention
  • Own Repairs (cash in lieu)
  • Breakdown cover for UK and European travel.
  • Laid up cover
  • Tools and spare parts cover
  • Assurance that the vehicle will be sent to the owner’s repairer of choice or Citroen specialist.
  • Free Agreed Value cover with no submissions or photos required and own Agreed Value estimates accepted.

If the Club entered into a 3 year agreement it would be guaranteed a minimum annual commission which was comparable to the income from insurance advertising and commission over the past year.   

After discussion it was agreed that the Club enter into a 3 year Solus agreement with Peter James to secure this insurance package for the Club’s members and hopefully increase

ACTION: Calvin/ Vanessa


In view of the current financial climate it was felt inappropriate to make any increase in membership rates and that they should remain at the current levels.

Proposed: Julian      Seconded: Vanessa



As Dot wasn’t able to attend it was agreed that this be deferred to the next meeting.


Vanesssa reported that she and Dave had visited the Fire Service College in Moreton in Marsh in  January. She requested that the committee agree the use of the site for the 2024 National. The best weekend for both the Club and the college was 29 August – 1 September 2024.

Proposed: Vanessa             Seconded: Julian

For: 10            Against: 1     


The college would charge like a campsite, per pitch (they referred to it as ‘a unit’), and equally (hotel style) rooms would come with a fixed price. An example model for charging members might be charging everyone a flat rate entry fee for both day and overnight visitors, with members booking camping pitches or accommodation as per their needs. The site had a large field for camping, lots of toilets and showers, a bar and social area, and access to the college

canteen. The Club could hire as much or as little space in rooms and lecture theatres as required. The finer details could be worked out in due course.

Vanessa also reported the intention to hold the Annual Members Meeting during the National as it was likely that this was where the most persons would attend.

ACTION: Vanessa/ Dave


Vanessa reported that the site deposit had been paid. A marquee needed to be hired. Gary

Dicks had asked Coops to build a ramp to make the loos/showers more accessible. A logo had been designed for t-shirts and stickers. The most urgent issue was to decide which payment mechanism to use; Eventbrite, which was used for the last couple of years, was now considered too expensive. If a payment mechanism could be agreed and implemented quickly, then the first advert for the event could go out in the March magazine. Dave agreed to create a plugin on the website to allow easier payment for the event.

ACTION: Vanessa/ Dave


Carl reported that he had 5 cars for the Restoration Show but ideally would like another. Julian agreed to assist with finding a 6th. It was agreed that the giant duck could not be accommodated on the stand and Carl was asked to thank the owner for the offer of it.

Carl asked about the design of t shirts and it was suggested that he speak with Dot.

Carl also asked if anyone knew if Jim Gibson was proposing to do a Club stand at CarFest ’24. It was not known and it was suggested that Carl contact Jim direct to ask him.


Ian Gaw, the Club member attending, commented that he was pleased that the

meeting had demonstrated to him that the Club was ‘alive and cared for’. Vanessa thanked him and invited him to email his comments for potential inclusion in a future magazine.


It was agreed that the next Committee meeting would be on Sunday 7th April 2024 at 11am, at venue to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 14.30pm