We meet on the second Thursday at 8pm at The Ashlea, 14 Manchester Road, Cheadle SK8 2NP and would love you to join us.

In 2007, following the demise of The North West Twin Pot Puddle Jumpers about six years earlier, whilst there were very welcoming and friendly groups within reach of anyone from Manchester such as The Lancaster Bombers or The Crewe Ducks Clan, it seemed probable that, in a conurbation the size of Manchester, there would be a goodly number of 2CVers looking to get (re)acquainted and after an appeal via 2CVGB News, so it transpired.  The first meeting of the as-yet unnamed group was at a pub in Sale.  Sixteen years later the membership has grown steadily to about forty plus from all over the region and we have found a good home at The Ashlea, Cheadle where our gatherings have always been well attended and good fun.  Many new friendships have been formed and pleasingly, anyone new turning up for the first time almost always remarks on the warmth of their welcome.  Our Facebook page is well received and includes another fifteen or more enthusiasts. This is a really useful platform for sharing news, photos and information, particularly for advertising any members’ ideas for a group run, weekend away etc. and over the years our convoys of refreshingly colourful cars have brightened up many a stately home, country lane, field and car park.  Facebook has even been helpful in reuniting one original owner with their car some 30 years after they parted company.

About four years ago The Ducks were fortunate to have picked up an award of merit in the form of the GDOM, i.e. “Golden Duck of Manchester.”

While it’s true that “picked up” here refers to it having being found in a charity shop in Stockport as opposed to presented at a glitzy do in London, L.A. or Montreux, this clearly priceless trophy has morphed into the unofficial emblem of the group and is held under extremely high security in the incumbent Mother Duck’s vault, or wardrobe, as it’s known at home.

However, in an effort to restore our credibility on the subject of awards ……

The Ducks were delighted to be presented with this one for “Best Club Stand” during our recent inaugural appearance at the excellent Glossop Vehicle Enthusiasts Club Show.  No doubt there will be a return visit next year.

If asked, most members of any classic car group will tell you they enjoy much camaraderie but it seems to be really strong among the 2CV community and especially so in The Manchester Ducks.

The Ashlea, Manchester Road, Cheadle, SK8 2NP
Phone: Tony 0161 748 8241 / 07565 347048
Email: tonykehoe@outlook.com