We have been asked to make you aware of a petition to induct Andre Citroen into the Pantheon by the Amicale Citroen International. Here are the details of the petition

In an extraordinary testament to one of France’s most innovative and forward-thinking visionaries, a distinguished initiative has been launched to induct André Citroën, the brilliant founder of the Citroën brand, into the hallowed halls of the Panthéon in Paris. 

The Panthéon, a monumental mausoleum that honors France’s most cherished national heroes, is a place of unparalleled reverence and prestige. This effort is led by André Citroën’s grandson, Henri-Jacques Citroën, who is also our ACI ambassador, and receives unwavering support from a wide spectrum of society, industry, and political leaders. The advocated ceremony promises to be an event of extraordinary honor, showcasing the profound international impact of Andre Citroën’s contributions. The suggestion has been formally submitted, in writing, to the President of the French Republic, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, by a support committee of 63 personalities from various occupations and origins. The ACI feels honored to be invited to support this initiative.

André Citroën: A Legacy of Innovation

Throughout his life, André Citroën embodied innovation, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what was possible. As the founder of the Citroën brand, he revolutionized the automotive industry with groundbreaking inventions and designs. His pioneering work on mass production techniques, such as the iconic Citroën Type A, laid the foundation for modern automobile manufacturing in Europe. His latest model Traction Avant was a marvel of engineering, and innovations like self-supporting all-steel body and front-wheel drive are now industry standards.

André Citroën was not just an automotive pioneer; he was also a marketing genius. The iconic double chevron logo and the clever use of the Eiffel Tower in advertising were strokes of branding brilliance that set new standards. 165.000 road signs helped everybody find their destinations. His innovative approach to marketing laid the groundwork for future generations, establishing the importance of a strong brand image and creative advertising in business. His „Croisières“ did not only show technical outstanding capabilities – the Kégresse half-track vehicles returned with a vast treasure chest of cultural objects which helped thousands of people learning about other populations and cultures.

Also his philanthropy and social-cultural engagements are outstanding. Citroën’s commitment to the well-being of his employees went beyond traditional business practices. He implemented innovative employee welfare programs, including healthcare facilities and social clubs. This approach not only improved the quality of life for his workforce but also set an example for corporate social responsibility that resonates to this day.His belief in the transformative power of technology extended to a broader societal context. Citroën envisioned a future where technological advancements would contribute to the betterment of human lives, an outlook that transcended the confines of his industry.

Contribution to French Industrial Identity: André Citroën’s establishment of one of the largest automobile manufacturing plants in Europe was not just an economic feat; it solidified France’s position in the global industrial landscape. The Citroën brand became synonymous with French innovation and craftsmanship, contributing to the nation’s reputation as a hub of industrial excellence.

The Panthéon: A Monument to France’s Heroes

The Panthéon, a stunning architectural masterpiece in the heart of Paris, is a symbol of French national identity and a shrine to those who have left an indelible mark on the country and the world. Within its hallowed walls rest luminaries such as Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Marie Curie, individuals whose contributions have greatly enriched the perception of France on the global stage.

A Deserving Honor

The initiative to inter André Citroën in the Pantheon is a recognition of his profound impact on French industry, culture, and the global community. It is an honor that celebrates his innovative spirit, forward-thinking ideas, and enduring legacy. By paying hommage to Andre Citroën in the Panthéon, France will immortalize a man whose name is synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Support the Petition

We invite individuals from France and around the world, to support the petition that aims to induct André Citroën into the Pantheon. This exceptional ceremony will not only pay tribute to a visionary pioneer but will also serve as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that human ingenuity can achieve. Join us in celebrating this great honor and preserving the legacy of André Citroën for generations to come.

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