Dyane stainless steel headlight ball pegs (pk. of 3)

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216201  Dyane headlight s/steel ball pegs (set of three)

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Applicable to later Dyane and all Acadiane head-lights with the universal (not handed) globe. This globe fits into a grey or black plastic shell mounted in the front wing by a peg & socket system. Pegs are fixed in the globe with white plastic sockets in the shell.

Pegs are normally made from mild steel with a ball end which press fits into a socket. The ball corrodes with the peg becoming seized in the socket.  Thus with head-light globe removal to change a bulb, there is every chance a socket will break since the plastic has also disintegrated over time. Best to change the pegs to SPOG’s stainless steel examples and grease when pushing the head-light globe back in.

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