A series gearbox synchro Rings. (2 small + 1 large ring)

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800101 Set of three (2 + 1) Gearbox Synchro Rings

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These are for gearboxes in association with the later 602 cc engine.

The 2nd and 3 rd gear synchro rings on the input shaft are of the same diameter as the earlier gearboxes however the 4th gear synchro ring is larger. Hence the 2 + 1 notation of this set of three.

SPOG’s synchro rings are made in the UK from highest grade of spring steel to within 0.01 mm tolerance of Citroen’s original D shape design.

These synchro (snap) rings are essential for gearbox function. As cogs move over one another these rings collapse and then expand to secure the gear. Synchro rings wear and will eventually break to become wedged in the cogs causing gearbox destruction.

So if a gearbox is to be re-conditioned it is recommended all three gearbox synchro rings are replaced.

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