2CV 5mm slotted round head screws (Pk.10)

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135410 2cv slotted round head 5mm screws

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These slotted round head 5 mm threaded screws (which some people would prefer to call bolts) are used along the front edge of a 2cv rear wing where it is attached to the main body of the car. SPOG’s round head screws, much like the original ones fitted, can be painted as per the colour of the wing to maintain the authentic look.

Our screws are made from mild steel but then zinc coated for longevity and sold in packs of ten although you only need four per rear wing.  Yes – two “extras” but these items are notorious for being dropped to then roll out of sight. SPOG always here to help!

  • These 5 mm slotted round head screws have a thread length of 15 mm.
  • The pitch of the thread is 0.8 mm.
  • All screws are plated to prevent corrosion and suitable for fixing the leading edge of a 2cv rear wing to the captive nuts in the body-shell …. four per side.
  • Early 2cvs use the same slotted round head screws but with the lesser  pitch of 0.75 mm. Also these fixings are not limited to the rear wings but found all over the body-shell, indeed up to seventy “here and there” on some particular vehicles.
  • SPOG’s screws can be used throughout early cars if a 5 x 0.8 mm tap is gently run through all captive nuts before screw application.
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