2nd Thursday at 8pm

TROY are an active and practical group based in the area to the south of York. This is where the three ‘Ridings’ of Yorkshire meet, hence our name!

The group was formed in the early days of 2CVGB and we celebrated our fortieth birthday in October 2023. The last forty-odd years has been a busy and varied. There have been many changes in location and people over time, but the group has always been welcoming and diverse.

We meet once a month at The Plough Inn, a lively community pub in Snaith, East Yorkshire, where we have our own regular room. Meetings cover all the usual 2CV topics, but at a group helmed by ex-SPOGman David Eden, technical matters are never far away, and carbs on the table doesn’t always refer to food! Members have a real mixture of A-Series, with 2CVs to the fore, but also Dyane, Acadiane , Ami and even a self- build ‘Alihari’ being on the list!

As well as monthly meetings, TROY have regular events during the year, including an informal Christmas Dinner every year and an annual camp. The ‘Breighton Riverside Camp’ was proposed in 2015 as a minimalist-style event by a keen TROY member at a campsite and pub on the banks of the River Derwent. It is always a relaxed affair with a chance to unwind over the second weekend in early May.

As an active group, you will often see TROY members at national 2CVGB events and visiting other groups. TROY meet monthly, have an active Facebook page and an occasional newsletter ‘ The Wooden Horse’ which gives details of our activities.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month at The Plough Inn, Shearburn Terrace, Snaith East Yorkshire DN14 9JJ from 19h30…

We are a friendly bunch, so do turn up and get to know us!

T.R.O.Y. The Ridings of Yorkshire (Selby area)
The Plough Inn, Shearburn Terrace, Snaith, Yorks, DN14 9JJ
YORKSHIRE (NORTH) United Kingdom
Phone: 01405 813640
Email: davideden@tesco.net