SPOG (Spare Parts OrGanisation) was launched in 1994, with the aim: “To keep 2CVs where they belong – On the Road!”

This aim has been extended from just 2CV parts to include all A-Series parts (including Dyane, Mehari, Ami, AK and Acadiane). In 2016 the club decided to make SPOG its own trading company and in May of that year 2CVGB Parts Ltd T/A SPOG (a wholly owned subsidiary of 2CVGB Ltd) was born.

The primary aim is to manufacture 2CV (and other A-series) parts that are otherwise unavailable and which would prevent A-series cars from being roadworthy, in addition:

  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with a potentially difficult procedure on an A-series vehicle
  • SPOG supplies parts to assist with the survival life of a particular component
  • SPOG considers the remanufacture of parts when the options presently available are not of an acceptable standard

Great care is put in to the development of SPOG spares and in every instance SPOG components have been engineered to be as good as or (in most cases) an improvement on the manufacturer’s original part.

Some of our parts may appear expensive, however in general they are of superior quality and easier to fit then lower priced alternatives available. Saving valuable time and money during restoration or repair of your car.

If you are a member of the 2CVGB club then discounted prices are available to you. If you’re not already a 2CVGB member why not Click here to join?

PLEASE NOTE: For Overseas Sales – Please email spog@2cvgbparts.co.uk with your order requirements. We will send a quote for shipping abroad. If you order via the website your order will be cancelled and monies refunded.