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The role of the register

The Ami Register had many roles within 2cvGB. It holds a register of the owners of the Amis in the UK, and records the specific information on each of the cars. For those who have an Ami, then it can offer help with the running, maintenance and restoration of the car. It can also share experiences and ideas which are specific to the Ami. It can be the first contact for particular parts, and offer advice on which parts are needed and how to install them. If you are looking to buy an Ami then it can offer guidance and advice on trying to find one and what to look for once you have found one.

The Citroën Ami

Introduced in 1961 the Ami 6 Saloon was designed to fill the gap between the 2cv and the DS. It featured a distinctive reverse rake rear window, and was based on the chassis of the 2CV, fitted with a new 602cc engine of increased power. It had the feel of the DS, with plush soft seats, a stylish light airy cabin using the latest materials and a single spoke steering wheel, whilst retaining the simple mechanics of the 2cv.

 From 1964 an estate was introduced, then in 1968 a windowed and panelled van was added to the range. With the launch of these new models the Ami became the best selling car in France, but sadly, despite being hailed as the most comfortable small car in the world by the UK motoring press, the Ami 6 sold in very small numbers, due mainly to the large taxes applied by the UK Government to foreign imported cars, and its unusual looks.

 The Ami 6 was updated in 1969 to the Ami 8. This new car featured a smoother styling with a fastback body for the saloon. The engine power was increased with a new higher compression engine, it was fitted with front disc brakes, and a front anti-roll bar to improve handling. The Ami 8 was also available in estate and van form, and sold very well here in the UK.

 From 1973 the Ami Super was launched. Using the body of the Ami 8, the Super had almost twice the engine power thanks to the use of the 1015cc flat 4 air-cooled engine from the Citroën GS. The Super was phased out during 1976 with the rundown of the Ami range. The Ami 8 ceased to be available in the UK during 1978, and in France until the end of 1979 when it was replaced by the Citroën LNA and VISA.

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Register your Ami

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What's the VIN/chassis no.?

Found on plate on right hand side of the bulkhead OR on the chassis, on earlier vehicles. It's the longest number on the plate.

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*X-reg onwards only. The 4-digit string of numbers stenciled on the upper right hand side of the bulkhead.

Please enter the engine number.

This should be on a plate on the rear of the crankcase, near the starter motor.

Left or right-hand drive?

What type of brakes does it have?


What colour is it?

Found on the extreme right-hand side of the bulkhead. Pre-X reg, on a small disc; post-X reg, stenciled in large black digits.

What was the original colour?

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Import Details

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History & Modifications

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Previous owners, dates of transfer, place of purchase etc.

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Valuation Details

What condition is it in?

A = Concours: exceptional, fully restored and/or original.
B = Very Good; excellent bodily and mechanically; would pass MoT inspection with little or no work.
C = Average: presentable condition, would pass MoT inspection, but may need some body or mechanical refurbishment.
D = Below Average: will need major work to pass MoT inspection and/or to make roadworthy

How much did you pay for it?

When did you buy it?

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