Dyane/Acadiane front wing tie plate (Pair)

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215402 Dyane/Acadiane front wing tie plate (pair)

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These tie/stretcher plates (one per side) can be found at the front lower aspect of the wing bracing it across to a corresponding bracket on the front leg of the chassis. Originally made of thin metal (although ribbed for added strength) they are subject to all the muck and filth thrown up by the front wheel. Indeed these plates invariable rot away and disappear. Or bend and fracture at either end to become useless for their intended purpose.

Are these tie plates in fact important? Oh yes. Without their presence the front wing tends to flex during travel thus creating the usual crack at the top of its arch. Suddenly a sharp metal edge can appear which may then possibly lead to MOT failure.

SPOG’s Dyane/Acadiane tie plates have been manufactured with Citroen’s original design in mind having the two elongated holes at either end for minor adjustment using the two sets of 5mm nuts and bolts (not included). However SPOG’s plates (fitted hump uppermost) are manufactured from zinc covered steel, likewise being produced in a thicker metal. Both these improvements are to assist with longevity although a little extra protection with paint and/or waxoyl etc. wouldn’t go amiss. And even if the Dyane/Acadiane front wing has started to crack because of this item’s absence, fitting a new tie plate retrospectively may well prevent this split from getting any worse.


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