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WELCOME TO 2CVGB We lock down the main part of our forum as a member-only service. However, we're going to put some useful information here for all 2CVers - just a taste of what the club can offer.

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Old 22-03-2009, 09:21 AM
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2cv Faq

I want to buy a 2CV. What should I look for?
We will publish a full Buying Guide on the website shortly, but in brief, rust should be the major consideration. Most chassis have been replaced by galvanised items now, especially on eighties 2CVs, so if that's the case, focus your attention on the floors, sills, rear seatbelt mountings and bonnet hinge. They do rot pretty much anywhere, so have a good look around.

Mechanically, the 2CV is very robust, but watch out for failing synchromesh on third, and blue smoke or knocks from the engine. The brakes should be superb, though you'll need more pedal pressure than in a modern car.

How much looking after does a 2CV need?
More than a modern car, but very little that you won't be able to do yourself. The recommended service schedule is a minor service every 3000 miles and a major one every 6000. There are grease points that should be attended to at least every 1000 miles, so you'll need a grease gun.

What are A-series Citroens?
The A-series Citroens are the 2CV and it's siblings. These include the Dyane, Mehari, Ami, Bijou and the various vans. You can find out more by CLICKING HERE

2CVGB also has an H Van Register. These are not A series Citroens, but are considered a very close friend!

How much should I pay?
2CV prices have risen in recent years, and you may need more than £4000 for the very best, even more for one that's fresh from a rebuild. However, you should still be able to bag a relatively sound one for £1000-£2000 and projects can be very cheap.

Dyanes tend to command a bit less - the best rarely exceed £2000 - yet they offer a bit more refinement at speed and a full hatchback (complete with folding rear seat on most later ones).

Amis similarly tend to fetch less than 2CVs, though the earlier Ami 6 can command a bit more in very good condition.

Meharis have always been popular, and the prices are much closer to the 2CV. You could easily pay £4000 for a really good one. The various vans are not far behind either.

Can a 2CV handle motorway speeds?
Absolutely, though they can be a little noisy. Most 2CVs have a speedometer that goes up to 70mph, and there's no reason why you can't stick at that speed all day - wind/hills permitting! It is important that the oil cooler is kept clean however, or the engine may not enjoy being thrashed.

Can you still get parts for the 2CV?
Yes. For a non-British car, the parts support in the UK is very impressive. You can get pretty much everything you'll need, from brake pads to almost all body sections. 2CVGB has a Spare Parts Organisation (SPOG) which aims to plug the gaps when parts are no longer available. Another benefit of the club!

Our forum has a technical section, where we help out fellow members. The above is only a very brief insight into the information we hold. When it comes to 2CVs, we're the club you need to join.

Is there really a 24-hour 2CV race?
Oh yes! And many of our members take part. There's actually a full race series, organised by the 2CV Racing Club.
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