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2cvgb Faq

Why should I join 2CVGB?
If you've an interest in 2CVs, if you're considering buying one, or if you already own one, joining 2CVGB gives you access to the information you need, and the people around the country who can help.

2CVGB runs events all around the UK and some of our members even attend rallies around the world. The meetings range from local meets at a pub, to our two large meetings - Registers' Day and the National. The former is a 'show and shine' event, where emphasis is very much on the cars, whether super-shiny or daily-duty. The latter is a big, end of season knees-up where 2CVGB members get together to have a good time. At both, you can expect a good turnout of 2CV specialists and traders.

We also have a professional monthly magazine that contains details of local group meets, events, information on Spare Parts offered by the club, register reports, letters from the members and details of 2CVs for sale.

Then there's the forum. This contains technical sections as well as offering a chance to chat with 2CVers around the world. We even have members in America! There is now a classified section but again, this is members only.

How do I join and how much does it cost?
The current prices and joining instructions can be found here

My insurance company gives me a discount for club membership. How quickly can I get a membership number?
During busy periods, it can (very rarely) take six weeks for your membership to be processed. Our membership secretary has a full time job so the club is unable to process memberships immediately. We have found that most insurance companies do not need proof of membership when you take out a policy, and will be happy to wait a few weeks for you to supply your membership number.

I work in the press and am seeking information about 2CVGB and/or cars suitable for filming/photography. Who do I speak to?
2CVGB takes publicity very seriously. Speak to our Press Officer via email. CLICK HERE
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