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WELCOME TO 2CVGB We lock down the main part of our forum as a member-only service. However, we're going to put some useful information here for all 2CVers - just a taste of what the club can offer.

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Old 28-09-2011, 08:37 PM
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Post Forum Usage Policy

Dear Forum Members,

Welcome to the Forum. Here's a few things to bear in mind when posting, and we'll all be happy!

Any opinion expressed on the forum is that of the individual poster, and does NOT represent the views of 2CVGB.
We do not moderate posts before they get published on the Forum, and rely on users to draw offending posts to the attention of our Moderators.

2. No slanging matches, please.

Please do not post personal remarks about other forum users - no one comes here to get abuse. It's easy to cause offence - especially in writing! Using smileys helps a lot, so we know when you're trying to be funny, rather than provocative. Also, we try to keep the language appropriate to a general audience.

Don't air your dirty laundry in public!
It's not helpful, and could land the Club in very hot water. This is particularly relevant with regard to discussions about goods and services. We all come here looking to benefit from other members' experiences and advice, but let's keep it objective!

This forum has no problem with posts legitimately reviewing or discussing the merits or otherwise of various products on the market. For example, its fine to discuss/compare chassis designs and to name the supplier/products, if you are sure what you are saying is factually correct and you are speaking from experience, and use a degree of restraint in expressing subjective opinions that cannot be substantiated.

What we can't tolerate are detailed exposés of individual disputes with particular traders where it's just a case of 'he said, she said...' which could be construed as being libelous by any litigious types. Any personal issues should be resolved with the trader in question. This forum is not a place to have a rant against a particular company or individual. So,
"Chassis X offers Y benefits/features, which is good because..."
"I found it really difficult to get part X to fit because..."
"In my opinion, part X is preferable to part Y because..."
"I fitted product X, and this was my experience..."
would be helpful, whereas:
"X product is @*!%"
"Trader X is a total @*!% and I suggest you don't go near them! "
"I bought one of those from trader X and when it broke I sent them this email ... and got this in reply ... AND they were rude to my mother-in-law!"
would be bang out of order and will be removed.

[If you have a burning desire to express a subjective, personal opinion in response to a post, it's best kept to a PM (private message).]

4. Report any posts you feel break these guidelines.
If you have a problem with anything you see posted here, please click the flag icon in the heading of each post, and report it, noting your concerns, to a Moderator.

5. Please respect your Mods.
They are all unpaid volunteers, and are working to these guidelines. If any of your posts are reported, you can expect a PM from a Mod asking you to tone it down a bit – please don't take umbrage, they're just doing their job.

Thanks, and happy posting!
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