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Exclamation Buzz restoration project

Admin:- Please delete if not permitted.

Poor Buzz in a very bad way & needs a huge amount of work.
After significant badgering, cajoling & quite frankly bullying from me, Tigger has given in & accepted that Buzz must continue on as the car with the most character (& it's own disco).
Now the serious bit. Those of you who know, know, but the bottom line is that the only way it can be done is through crowd funding.
Go fund me take a stinging percentage, so we've agreed to use PayPal.

Once the scale of the challenge is fully understood, it might be possible that you could donate parts instead of money. Sadly Andy cannot do all the work himself & will have to pay skilled people - hence the need for cash. (Sorry to bang on about it).
Being a soft sod (actually very touched by people's kindness & support) please PM him your name & address as he wants to thank you.
Feel free to share this post far & wide. Also, share photographs & tales of the good times you've had with Andy/Tigger & Buzz.

P. S. Just to add no money will be spent until its fully worked out if its feasible. - He doesn't want to splash out money and then find he needs more than we raise to finish it. (Another reason to PM name, address, amount & e-mail. Hopefully refunds won't be necessary though).

Tigger has set up a money pool within his paypal so he can keep the money separate.

It replaces his email address with a link to the pool direct.

(In the event that Buzz really is beyond economic repair, it will be easy to refund your kind donation).
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